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Enterprise Report Groupings

Report groupings can be created for parent and child site relationships. Watch the video or read the following text to learn how to create report grouping for your enterprise.

Create Report Groupings: Learn how to create report groupings. Learn More >

Seperate Report Groupings: Learn how to seperate previous report groupings. Learn More >


Create Report Groupings

To create report groupings follow the steps:

1. Navigate to Reports > Report Settings tab.

2. In the Report column, select the link for the report that you wish to group.

3. On the right, select Edit Report Groupings.

4. Drag the Parent company to the top of the list on the right.

5. Drag the Child companies and drop them underneath the Parent.

6. Save your changes.

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Seperate Report Groupings

To seperate report groupings follow the steps:

You can select the Separate All Companies link on the left in the same window as mentioned above.

Additionally, you can see options on the left under Apply A Recent Unique Structure to quickly group companies based on a previous reports groupings.

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