WineDirect Compliance Documentation



Apply Licenses and License Numbers

Direct shipping licenses by Jurisdiction (typically a State) are already created in the WineDirect Compliance system. You will need to Apply the licenses for each state that apply to your winery/brand. 

To Apply A License To A State By Brand:

1. Navigate to Licenses and you will see a list of Licenses applicable by jurisdiction/state.

2. On the right in the Action column, select either Apply, Edit or Renew to activate or modify a license.

Apply Will appear when new licenses have not been previously entered. 
Edit Will appear and will allow changes to an existing license that has not yet expired.
Renew will appear when the license is about to or has already expired.

3. In the newly appeared window, you will need to enter: License Number, Valid On Date (if applicable), and Expires On Date (if applicable).

4. Select Activate (or Renew) to save your changes.