WineDirect Compliance Documentation



On/Off Jurisdictions

This section of the company settings allows you to select and unselect states that you do not ship to.  For Vin65 clients, this section will be set to mirror the State Profile setting within Vin65.  States in Vin65 that are marked as Compliant > Yes will be checked. Conversely, states in Vin65 with Compliance > No will be checked (and hidden in Reports, Licenses, and Rules in WineDirect Compliance). You will need to go in to your Company Settings and verify each state is checked properly. 


To modify On/Off Jurisdictions

1. Go to Master Admin and then select Settings (not yet active).

2. Select the tab near the top for On/Off Jurisdictions.

3. You can unselect individual states by selecting the box where it is checked (it will change to unchecked).

4. You can select the checkbox at the top left labeled Select All to unselect in bulk.

5. When you are finished making changes, select Save in the lower right.