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Manage Orders

Search and Sort: Learn more about searching for and sorting orders. Learn More >

Export Orders: Learn more about exporting orders as a CSV file. Learn More >

Order Details: Learn more about viewing order details. Learn More >

Compliance History: Learn more about viewing your orders compliance history. Learn More >

Upload Historical Orders: Learn more about uploading historical orders from Vin65 to WineDirect. Learn More >

Search And Sort

Orders that pass compliance in Vin65 will automatically show in WineDirect Compliance. These orders are searchable by: Order Number, Date Range, Status, Failure Issues, and Order Stage. Order searches can also include voided orders, orders with missing or no ship dates (sent to fulfillment but does not have an actual ship date yet), and are also sortable by selecting the column header of each column of information.

To search for orders navigate to Orders and use the left hand column to search by a number of parameters.

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Export Orders as CSV

If you need to export the order information from WineDirect Compliance to Microsoft Excel or CSV text file, you can do the following:

1. Navigate to Orders and set your search criteria by selecting the options in the left column.

2. At the top of the order results, check the box next to Export as CSV.

3. Select Export as CSV.

4. Open the downloaded file and save to your computer if needed.

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Order Details

To view the Order Details follow the steps:

1. Navigate to Orders, and select the link for either the ID or Date Ordered fields for any given order. 

2. The order details will now appear. You will see details for: Order Information, Pricing, Billing Information, Product Line Items, and Shipping Information (actual Ship Date, Carrier, Tracking numbers, etc).

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Compliance History

To view the Compliance History follow the steps:

1. Navigate to Orders, and select the link for either the ID or Date Ordered fields for any given order. 

2. Select the Compliance History tab at the top of the order. You will see all of the company and order rules that were validated and which ones passed and which ones failed for that order. This can be very helpful in identifying specific problems with an order.

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Upload Historical Orders

In order to validate your orders are coming in to WineDirect Compliance from Vin65, you will need to use the Order Importer tool in Vin65 to populate sample orders that will be processed in WineDirect Compliance. Instructions on how to use the Order Importer (for Not Paid orders) can be found by clicking here.

Also, if you need to bring in Paid orders, you can click here for instructions on how to use the Order History Importer to get Paid orders in to Vin65. Once you have imported paid orders in to Vin65, you should see those orders in WineDirect Compliance and you will be ready to begin monitoring and verifying data integrity in both WineDirect and other compliance tools.

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