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Quarantined Orders

Non-compliant orders will complete the payment process but will not advance to the fulfillment. They remain in quarantine until the issue is resolved. Once the compliance issue has been resolved, the order automtically moves to the next processing step. When an order comes through the website store and is quarantined, the website administrator will receive an email. If the order is placed through the admin panel, no email alert is generated.

View Quarantined Orders: Learn where to view orders that have been place in quarantine. Learn More >

Process Quarantined Orders: Learn about options for processing quarantined orders. Learn More >

View Quarantined Orders

There are a couple options for viewing quarantine orders in Vin65, either through the Dashboard or searchable through the Orders section.


On the Dashboard of the Admin Panel, you will be able to see all Quarantined orders in the Alerts section.


Navigate to Store > Orders, then in the left hand Search area, Press Clear to reset the From/To Dates, and select Quarantine in the Status drop down menu. Click Search.

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Process Quarantined Orders

The Compliance tab within an order will show the message that comes directly from WineDirect Compliance. This message explains why the order did not pass the compliance check. To rectify the order click the Edit Order button. You will be able to change the billing or shipping information and products for the order. Once you’ve fixed the compliance error, you can then choose the appropriate Compliance Status action in the drop down menu. These options are:

1. Retry Compliance (and Submit Order) – This will check the order once again for compliance.

2. Force Compliance (and Submit Order) – This will force the order through WD Compliance if you want to process regardless of the compliance issue.

3. Void Compliance – This will void the compliance check if you are cancelling the payment.

4. Retry Compliance/Ignore Address Errors (and Submit Order) - This will check the order once again for compliance and ignore address issues.

5. Ignore Compliance Submit/Complete Order - This will bypass compliance for the entire order. 

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