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Manage Users

Watch the video or read the following text to learn about editing Users:

Add/Edit User: Learn how to add a new user or edit an existing user. Learn More >

Delete User: Learn how to delete User accounts. Learn More >

User Roles: Learn about user roles and permissions. Learn More >


Add/Edit a User

1.  Navigate to Users and click New User.

2.  Within the pop-up window fill out the information for each of the fields, such as: Name, Email, Password, Role, Etc.

3.  Click Save in the lower right to properly save your changes.

4. To edit a user, click on the user's name or email address from the list of users on the main Users screen.

Field Definitions:

*Name The name of the user. Both first and last name.
*Title The title within your organization for the user.



The user's email address

  • The email address for the user will be used as the username when logging into the compliance portal.
*Phone Number The user's phone number.



The user's password.

  • Must be a minimum of 8 characters.
*Password Confirmation Must match the password that was entered in the password field.



The role or access level that the user will have within the compliance portal.

  • Customer Service Rep - Has access to all sections except the Reports and Rules sections.
  • Compliance Manager - Has access to all sections of the compliance portal (i.e. there are no restrictions on this user).
Contact Person The person that will be auto filled in state forms/reports that require a contact to reach if needed. One user account must be marked as a contact person.
Authorized Signer The person that will be auto filled in state forms/reports in content areas to be filled by the person signing for the company.

* Required

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Delete User

1. Select Users > User you wish to delete.

2. In the pop-up window, select Delete in the lower left corner.

3. You will receive a message asking if you are sure you want to delete.

4. Click OK to save your changes.

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