WineDirect Compliance Documentation



Void Compliance

When you are voiding, refunding, or partially refunding an order that has gone to WD Compliance, it is important to note that you must first Void Compliance on the order in Vin65 before changing the status of the order (Cancel) or Void/Refund/Partial Refund the payment on the order.  If you Cancel or Void/Refund the payment first, you will not be able to Void Compliance on the order after. Watch the video or read the following text to learn how to void compliance:


To void compliance on an order, you must go in to Vin65 to perform this action.  Once you have located and opened the order in Vin65 by going to Store>Orders, you will need to do the following:

1. Navigate to Store > Orders in the Vin65 Admin Panel.

2. Select the order you want to void compliance on.

3. Navigate to the WD Compliance tab in the order window.

4. In the Compliance Status dropdown, select the option for Void Compliance.

5. Select Process. Note: This voids the compliance on the order and removes it from WineDirect Compliance. At this point, nothing has changed with the Payment or Status on the order.