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Company Settings

Your WineDirect Compliance account comes with a company (or companies) already created for you.  The tool does allow for parent/child relationships for multi-winery organizations. Typically, there is one company in WineDirect Compliance for each 02 license that a company has. You can have multiple brands/websites point to one company in WineDirect Compliance.  There are sections for Contact Information and On/Off Jurisdictions that allow you to manage your company settings.

Read the text or watch the following video to learn what you will see in your Company Settings:


Contact Information

This section contains information that will automatically populate on the state forms to save you time when you are ready to file. To make changes to your Contact Information, you can do the following:

In the upper right of the WineDirect Compliance main menu, select Master Admin and select the option displaying your company name followby by Settings.

Enter or update the information in all sections including:

1. Company Info

a. Company Name

b. Legal Name

c. FEIN/SSN number

2. General Information

a. Phone/Fax

b. Annual wine production in liters

3. Physical Address (required for reporting)

4. Mailing Address (required for reporting)

5. Add Nexus Address

Implies Nexus is used for tax purposes and indicates a physical presence by the winery in the state to which products are shipped (e.g. Texas & Vermont). This will need to be added for each state where there is Nexus.

6. When finished, select Save in the lower right to save your changes.

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