WineDirect Compliance Documentation



Company Rules

Company Rules are typically those related to the Marketing and Reporting rule families and are focused on the winery as a business organization. Examples of Company Rules include Volume Reporting, Solicitation Limits, Sales and Use Tax, Excise Tax, and Carrier Restrictions. They come pre-populated in the WineDirect Compliance system. Company rules must be acknowledged by the winery for each applicable state you currently ship to. 

Watch the video or the following text to learn about acknowledging company rules:


To Acknowledge Company Rules:

1. Go to Rules and select the tab for Company Rules

2. Filter by Jurisdiction in the dropdown on the left under Jurisdiction or select the column header for Jurisdiction to sort by Jurisdiction/State. 

3. Once you have identified the applicable Company Rule/Jurisdiction that you want to acknowledge, select the checkbox to the left of the Site column. Note: You can do this individually, or if you filter your Rules and want to acknowledge in bulk, you can select the checkbox at the top next to the Acknowledge button. 

4. Select the Acknowledge button at the top of the window to save your changes in bulk. 

5. If you inadvertently acknowledged a rule incorrectly or no longer want to acknowledge a rule, you can perform the same steps for acknowledging rules but instead select the Unacknowledge button in the final step.