WineDirect Compliance Documentation



License Import

WineDirect Compliance has a license template that enables you to import/upload your state license/permit information in bulk.  First complete and save the template from WineDirect Compliance.  With the completed template you can upload all of your license information in one transaction. 


To Import Licenses:

1. Navigate to Licenses and then select Import Licenses on the far right.

2. Select Click Here For An Example File. This will download a template for you to use for importing.

3. Enter the following: License Number, Valid On Date (if applicable), and Expires On Date (if applicable).

4. Once you've filled in all of the applicable state licensing information, save it as an Excel file to fill in your worksheet. Once the the sheet is complete, it needs to saved as a CSV file.

5. Go back to Licenses, select Import Licenses, and choose the file you just saved.

6. This will now import the file into WineDirect. Save your changes.