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Once processed orders are in WineDirect Compliance, reports will need to be generated and validated. State tax forms (reports) are provided as a convenience and are based upon interpretations in the statutes of the license(s). Please contact the applicable state ABC office for questions about reporting requirements. Ultimately, decisions around reporting are up to the license holder. Watch the video or click the following links to learn more about reports:

Generate Report Bundle: Learn how to generate your due and upcoming reports as a bundle. Learn More >

Individually Generate Reports: Learn how to generate a report individually. Learn More >

Previously Generated Reports: Learn how to view a log of reports that have previously been generated. Learn More >

File reports: Learn how to file reports that have been generated. Learn More >

Report Settings: Learn more about adjusting report settings. Learn More >

Enterprise Reports: Learn about enterprise reports for multi-winery companies. Learn More >

Generate Report Bundle

Reports may be generated as a bundle. This is the fastest method for generating reports:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Report tab.

2. Click Generate Report Bundle.

5. Refresh the page to check if the bundle has finished generating. 

6. Click Download Report Bundle. This will download a compressed .zip file with your generated reports.

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Individually Generate Reports

Reports can also be run on an individual basis using the steps outlined below:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Report tab.

2. The date for due reports will be displayed in red. Reports not yet due will be yellow. You may also filter reports by jurisdiction. Select the desired report

3. Confirm the correct Period To/From Date range is selected.

4. Select or enter any applicable information in the Supplemental Fields section.

5. Click Generate Report. You can now either Download PDF, Download CSV, or Set as Filed (This option will update the Next Due date range for that form, and take the form off the Due Report list).

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Previously Generated Reports

To view reports that have already been run/generated:

1. Navigate to Reports > Generated Reports tab.

2. Find and select the generated form by either scrolling through the list or by using the Search and Filter options on the left.

3. Select the Actions drop down menu on the far right. Here you will be able to: File Report, Download PDF, Download CSV, or Duplicate.

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File Reports

After you have remitted your reports to the appropriate authorities you will want to mark them as filed. Reports may be filed individually or as a batch.

Filing reports is important as it allows the system to move forward to the next reporting period. Filed reports are automatically removed from the Next Due Reports list and replaced with the next due version of the report. 

To file all of your generated reports on the 'Next Due Reports' tab:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Report tab.

2. There will be a greyed out button titled "Mark Reports as Filed". Select the checkbox to make this button red and active.

3. Click the "Mark Reports as Filed" button. If a report is not being filed by this button you will want to double check that you have filed the older versions of the report as well.

If you have not used the Generate Report Bundle tool you will need to file your reports individually:

1. Navigate to Reports > Generated Reports tab.

2. Select the Actions drop down menu next to the report > File Report. If a report has a date under the Filed column then it has already been filed. 

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