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Wine labels are important sources of information for consumers since they tell the type and origin of the wine. Labels include information regarding name, brand, certificate of label approval number (COLA), appellation of origin, and grape varietal. A COLA is certificate of label approval, which is granted by the TTB (Federal regulating body). 

Create Labels: Learn how to create labels for your products. Learn More >

Import Labels: Learn how to upload multiple labels. Learn More >

Import Label Registrations: Learn how to upload multiple label registrations. Learn More >

Manually Add Label Registration: Learn how to manually add label registration. Learn More >


Create Labels

1. Navigate to Products > Labels.

2. In the upper right corner, select New Label.

3. Enter the Label Name, Brand, COLA TTB approval #, Appellation, and Varietal information. Select Save.

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Import Labels

1. Navigate to Products > Labels.

2. In the upper right corner, select Import Labels.

3. Select the link Click Here For An Example File. Download and Save the template as an Excel file.

4. Fill in the sample file, save it as either a CSV, XLS, or XLSX.

5. Select Choose File from the import screen, and select the file that you have saved.

6. If successful, a green box will pop up in the right hand corner of your screen.

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Upload Label Registrations

The intent of the uploader process is to save time by not having to manually enter each label registration. The template is the same for both label and brand registrations. The template only displays States/Jurisdictions that require Brand or Label registrations for shipping to those States. You may need to insert or modify rows for additional brands and labels for each state/jurisdiction. We provide examples of data to enter, and that example data (numbers and dates) should be removed/edited prior to upload in WineDirect Compliance. 

1. Navigate to Products > Label > Import Registrations.

2. Select the link Click Here For An Example File. Download and Save the registration template as an Excel file.

3. Fill in the label and brand registration information for each State/Jurisdiction: License Number, Valid On Date (if applicable), Expires On Date (if applicable)

4. Insert rows for labels if you need rows added for each State/Jurisdiction. You may also need to delete rows for States/Jurisdictions that do not apply. Once the template is complete. Save the file as a CSV.

5. Navigate back to Products > Labels > Import Registrations.

6. Click Choose File. Search for and select the file that you just saved to open. This will automatically attempt to import the file. Save Your Changes once finished.

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Manually Add Label Registrations

1. Navigate Products > Labels, select the Label, then Add Registration.

2. Make a selection from the jurisdiction drop down.

3. Enter a Registration Number, and add Valid From and To Dates for when that registration will be in effect. 

4. Select the Save button at the bottom. Repeat these steps for each applicable registration.

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