WineDirect Compliance Documentation



Order Rules

Commonly referred to as “direct shipping rules”, order rules refer to the product and consumer data (such as age verification), license/permit, brand or labels registration, dry zip codes, and volume limit rule families that are focused at the order level. These rules are prepopulated and default to Active in the WineDirect Compliance system. If you do not want the rule to apply, the rule must be suppressed for each state that you wish to ship to. Selecting this option indicates you want to ignore the applicability of the rule to your orders, permiting them to be shipped to another state. This will effectively make the rule inapplicable and orders will pass through compliance even if they violate the rule. 


To Suppress Order Rules:

1. Go to Rules and select the tab for Order Rules.

2. You can filter by Jurisdiction by selecting it in the dropdown on the left under Jurisdiction or you can select the column header for Jurisdiction to sort by Jurisdiction/State. 

3. Once you have identified the applicable Order Rule/Jurisdiction that you want to suppress (ignore), select the checkbox to the left of the site column. Note: you can do this individually or if you filter your Rules and want to acknowledge in bulk, you can select the checkbox at the top next to the suppress button. 

4. Now select the Suppress button at the top of the window to save your changes in bulk. 

5. If you inadvertently suppress a rule incorrectly or no longer want to suppress a rule, you can perform the same steps for suppressing rules but instead select the Unsuppress button in the final step.