WineDirect Compliance Documentation




A product is an item for sale and shipment to another state. A product can be wine, food, merchandise, etc. For wine, a product includes information about the product name, brand, label, vintage, alcohol percentage, and volume, and may require brand and/or label registration.  Products must be set up in WineDirect Compliance prior to receiving orders.  If you are manually adding products, you must first create a brand(s) and then create labels prior to creating the actual products.

For the purposes of WineDirect Compliance products are uniquely identified by a description and SKU. A SKU is a “stock keeping unit” that is a distinct and unique product as it is offered for sale that embodies all attributes associated with the item and that distinguish it from all other items. These attributes can include brand, product description, price, size, packaging, etc.  

In WineDirect Compliance, product set up occurs in three steps:

1. Brand Registration

2. Label Registration

3. Create Products