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About Trial Mode

Trial Mode is designed to give you a chance to experience WineDirect’s Direct-To-Consumer Compliance system without affecting your daily business. Through trial mode, all your Vin65 orders are duplicated in Compliance giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the system before going live.

Trial Mode Capabilities: Learn about the capabilities given in trial mode. Learn More >

Trial Mode Exclusions: Learn about the exclusions given in trial mode. Learn More >

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Trial Mode Capabilities

Full Access

Navigate The Entire System You have access to all of the management tools and displays that would be offered with a Live version. Your eCommerce orders come in real-time and you can check status as the system is updated with shipment information.
Compliance Checks In Trial mode, the orders will be checked for compliance. This allows you to see how the system handles compliance checks. The checks will not fail orders or effect your current order flow in any way. 
Sample Automated Reporting and Report Generation The full reporting system for all the necessary sales, excise and shipment reports are available for your review.  This includes the automated due notices as well as creating reports.
Product Integration Any changes that you make to your Vin65 products will automatically update in Compliance.
Setup Screens When you first logged in, there are a series of setup pages.  Though not required in Trial Mode, we encourage you to go through some of the setup, so the system can correctly pass or fail orders for needed information such as licenses.

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Trial Mode Exclusions

Sales Calculations We don’t want to disrupt the way that you currently calculate your real-time sales taxes.  During Trial mode we will display the tax amount that is passed from Vin65. Once Live, the system will perform real-time lookups on the appropriate sales tax to apply that includes local and district taxes.  
Submitting Reports Reports generated in trial mode will be watermarked with TRIAL and Not For Submission text.
Weekly Status Emails In the Live version, you will receive a weekly email with high level statuses.  This won't occur when using the Trial verson.

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About Trial Mode